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Magnus Wærness


Born and raised in Harstad, with a bachelors degree in the performing arts from the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. He mainly worked in Britain during the period of 2007 - 2014, with artists such as Andrew Lloyd Webber, Paul McCartney and Ben Elton. By 2014 he had performed in over 70 different countries, sharing his music in concert, with over 1.8 milion people.


Weary of the life on the road, Magnus moved his life back to Norway in 2014, and has since worked as a teacher, singer and producer. He specializes in creating events for different organizations and promoting them through social media.

With his world-class experience as a performing musician and songwriter, Magnus is a natural part of any project in the performing arts. He is also an excellent producer and natural event manager.

Event producer & Social media

Marija grew up in Harstad, developing interests for visual expressions, art and the different opportunities in these fields.

With her strong multicultural background and connection to her native Russia, she is an integral part of every project involving the Russian federation.

Her main field is media-design, focusing on digital visualization of ideas and communication. Based in Oslo, she also participates in meetings when nescessary.

Marija Vlasova


Digital design & cultural attaché - Russia

André Moan


Coder, Biologist & Cultural attaché - China

From the mythical island of Senja, André left behind a traditional "fishermans culture" to obtain his academic credentials. With his international baccalaureate in hand, he went to China for a year to teach english.

When he returned to Norway, he proceeded to study biology, focusing on the secondary catch issues in the traditional fisheries.

In 2016 he obtained his masters degree in biology and also the academic title of practical educational lecturer.

With his background in IT, service, education, coding, biology and his natural curiousity, André is an important part of every project he is a part of.

His year in China, and chinese studies in Norway, has lead to a fluent understanding and communication level in Chinese. His knowledge of the chinese culture and society is also a great asset when working in certain markets.

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