Rolf Terje



Senior Partner

As a native of Senja, Rolf Terje naturally started his career in the fish industries. After working every aspect of these industries, he ended up at the Arctic University of Norway in Harstad. Here he studied project management, financial management, marketing, organizational strategy and development, investment and leadership.

After his studies he spent two years as a marketing advisor in Polaris Media, stationed at the local newspaper "Harstad Tidende". Focusing on innovation, social media and sales, he achieved strong results for clients and his employer alike. He then turned his focus to international marketing prospects, and ended up creating Kaurin Consulting.

The consulting business has since lead him into many exciting opportunities and he is now involved in several startups as well as project based engagements of varied length. His main passion is sustainable technology, and the human role in future society. Projects containing HR, aquaponics, nanotubes, solar panels and graphene.

I addition he consults several athletes, tourist destinations, sales organizations and property developers in their PR & communication efforts.

Tor Einar Kvanli

Junior Partner

A farmboy from Fauskevåg, growing up in different parts of Norway.

Went directly from high school to the military, where he became a sergeant.

His interests in history, agriculture and landscapes, lead him to study geology with a specialization in salt tectonic plates.

With experience from construction, sound and audio, the oil industry and as a martial arts instructor, Tor Einar has many perspectives of life.

His thirst for knowledge and sense of justice makes him a perfect researcher for projects, while he is forever increasing his understanding and innovative capabilities.

After completing his Masters degree in Geology, Tor Einar is now particularly focused towards the different aspects of the Norwegian society as a whole, specifically how the government is approaching the fast pace of change in the world. He is also passionately interested in economic structure and the reasons behind failed government projects. 

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