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Busy days - Holidays

After I joined Adecco Norway for a six month contract, the blogging of Kaurin Consulting has been sadly neglected.

Something i intend to make amends for in the coming months.

As you may notice, I am now blogging in English. This is naturally because most of our business is international in its nature, and this is the only international language i feel comfortable writing.

The business world has become increasingly global, as there are no borders for good deals..

The demand for digital marketing, social media handling and development has steadily increased since we announced our service, and we have now gathered a strong team of professionals.

With our main seat in Norway, we solve many different questions in a business world that evolves at an extreme rate. The need to keep up with market trends and tech, is more evident than ever before.

Introducing the new team - Video in Norwegian

I am currently in the middle of a six month contract with Adecco Norway, expanding their market in the Hålogaland region of Northern Norway.

Human Recources management is a really interesting field of business, and will become increasingly important as the globalization of the job-market intensifies.

In example: Norway has a surging demand for healthcare professionals, as the birthrate, relative to the lifespan of our citizens, generates a majority of elders. This scenario dictates that we have to internationally recruit healthcare professionals to handle this "wave of elders", as it is attributed by the norwegian media.

During my time in Adecco I am continuously impressed by the passion for creating jobs and job-opportunities, and so far I am really enjoying my time with them.

Magnus has moved to Oslo, and handles most of our social media accounts from his offices in Holmenkollen. He also handles a few key accounts we have in the Oslo region.

André is leaving for China as I write this, citing something he calls "free time" (which translates to "cultural research" in the company booklet).

Marija is contemplating spending some years in her native Russia, more precisely St.Petersburg, while working with our digital design clients.

Thankfully, the world has become so small that it does not matter where we are, only that we are able to reach each other. Throughout the summer, we will be available for new business, but our capacity to travel will be somewhat reduced due to the holiday season.

Best regards

Rolf Terje

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