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Per Fugelli

Mr. Fugelli was Norwegian physician and thought leader in social medicine. One of the truly dominant voices for Norwegian culture and heritage died from terminal cancer on the 13th of september, 73 years old.

Per Fugelli

Dr. Per Fugelli

Fugelli practised his early medicine in the northern parts of Norway, and later became a professor of general practice at the University of Bergen, before becoming a professor of social medicine at the University of Oslo's institute of Health and Society. In 2013 he became Emeritus.

In his last publication, Fugelli simply stated his gratitude to the Norwegian society, and hailed the comforting knowledge that his loved ones would continue to live in our welfare state.

In his many different statements, there are vast amounts of wisdom to obtain, and for this post in particular, I'm going to focus on his idea of a "Fear vaccine".

We need a vaccine from fear - Per Fugelli

In his bid to tear down incorrect ideas of who "the enemy" is, Fugelli cemented his legacy. He departed with the same strong voice he carried with him throughout his career, and focused much of his latest efforts on the incorrect world view of terrorism and who the terrorists are.

His background as a physician never held him back, commenting on almost every aspect of life. Of course his view would be that of a doctors perspective, but was always given with respect to every aspect of his object of commentary.

"If you expect a life with no risks, you will be forever afraid".

His ideas are very possibly the answer to the very special "Fake News"-agenda that is currently spreading hate and misinformation through the world.

How can we better encompass his teachings in the communication trade?

Are we able to allow fear as a natural part of human life, or will we let it dictate how we live our lives? A central question in the following years presents itself, as we are safer than ever, yet more fearful than before.

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