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  • Rolf Terje

All work and no play, makes jack a dull boy?

After about a year in HR-management, i have decided to end my contract with Adecco Norway, to seek other opportunities.

The blue collar trades in Norway are in urgent need of recruitment!

I've learned extremely much about management, cultural diversity and the Geo-political state of work-immigration in Norway and Europe as a whole.

The most interesting part of HR-agencies is the service they provide their customers, essentially giving them their own HR-department when they need one.

In Norway we can hear a lot of critical voices towards temp-agencies and the notion that companies should hire employees in full time jobs, rather than opting for the flexibility that a temp-agency offers.

In my opinion that would mean the end of multiple different industries. The competitiveness of Norwegian companies are already under pressure from the high cost of living and strict regulations to ensure workers rights.

Now, don't get me wrong, i would not advocate less regulation. But it seems foolish to create new regulations to further complicate the flexibility of the Norwegian workforce.

Gone are the days of traditional tools and thinking. Innovation is required, also in the way we think about jobs.

Our focus should be innovation and automation of different processes, not to mention the leap towards our digital future. Norway seems to lag behind in the digitization era, and are now hard pressed to find solutions to different problems. The human resource and workforce questions are constantly asking for new solutions, and those are not made by further complicating the law-structure of how we look at work.

The biggest question facing us today is for me, the notion of what a "job" will be in the future. Are we able to enable the creative minds of the world to discover new solutions, or are we so sure that the world has to remain in its current structures, that we fail to see other, new and possibly better ones?

Safe to say, i have enjoyed my time with Adecco Norway thoroughly, and have made many new friends and discoveries. The amount of dedication required to succeed in the HR-business is nothing short of intimidating. The realization that i would now have to do sales, HR-management and understand the cultural intricacies of all the different professions i would recruit and supply candidates to, all the while reporting and adhering to a budget with ambitious goals.

It was a lot of fun!

Most of all because of the excellent people you get to meet in that line of work, especially in Adecco of course. ;)

New post about future endeavours coming soon!

Rolf Terje

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