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  • Rolf Terje

Enterprise Resource Planning and Automation

My new adventure started in April, when i met Jan Van Veen, founder and CEO of the Dutch company Vekrasoft. An ERP & Automation company from the Netherlands, more specific the fishery capital of Urk.

Jan came to meet me in Harstad, and after a short period we decided that I would be a part of re-launching his company as Clæver AS in Norway, and serve as his sales representative.

The famous lighthouse in Urk.

I then visited the headquarters in Urk, meeting the rest of the team and getting a better understanding of the culture that created what we now call Clæver.

Urk shares a similar history with my hometown of Gryllefjord, with strong fishery traditions and rough seafaring culture. A City of approximately 20 000 people, Urk serves as the national fishery hub, serving most of the netherlands with fish produce. And of course, most of the factories in Urk are using Clævers ERP-software and automated processes to keep ahead of their competitors.

So what is a ERP-system you ask?

If you ever played a computer game about business administration simulation, you would be familiar with the administration modules you used to get an overview of your business.

Where do you have potential for a more effective process? Where are your resources best spent for a quicker production? In short, it delivers you an accurate overview of your enterprises processes. It puts you in direct control of your business, in real-time.

So what does Clæver offer?

- Stock and warehouse management

- Adminsitration of purchase and saleorders

- Advanced CRM features

- Complete registration of productionprocesses.

- Complete and complex invoicing saleorders, productions, service and storagecosts.

- Full traceability

- Detailed and accurate costprice calculation

- Management dashboards and flexible report designer

- Quality management

- Many more modules...

The biggest feature by far is the fact that Clævers ERP & Automation systems are completely built from scratch, and does not rely on base-functions from bigger software suppliers like Microsoft and Apple.

This means that Clæver does not have to buy different modules from the giants of the software-industries, making the pricing of the system a different story then that of our competitors.

The self-produced software gives Clæver the ability to fully customize any part of the program, tailor-made to the different needs of our clients.

Its a no-brainer! Brain your business!

Keeping true to its hometowns strong fishery traditions, Clævers customers are mostly fish production and sales organizations. Although the system is tailored to this specific branch of business, the conversion to other food-production and sales organizations would be a quick and easy one.

I am thoroughly looking forward to digitize the Norwegian food processing industries. Companies are always looking for more effective ways to get ahead in their respective markets, and I'm delighted to say that i will be working towards these ends from now on!

Rolf Terje

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