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Digitization - A word that lost its meaning?

Oppdatert: 19. feb. 2020

The buzzword, digitization, has a central role in most organizational development strategies. With the promise of fancy new gadgets, software and solutions, digitization is a favorite among consultants wanting to make their mark in business development.

The world is increasingly more digital, and we live our lives through digital concepts more than ever before.

How do the different companies and individuals view digitization?

On a personal level, we are now increasingly digitizing our daily lives: Accepting new ways of transport, banking, retail & communication. We are constantly evolving our digital understanding and participation through different services that are available to us.

What happens to the companies failing to take part in the so-called digitization process?

I believe that digitization is merely a tool for organizational development. The key element will still be the people in the organization and their willingness to implement and accept change. Our inherent reluctance to change our way of working will always be our biggest challenge in development.

Its all about the people.

How would digitization help any business looking to develop further?

Metaphorically put: If you have a spaceship to get you from A to B, why drive the horse and carriage? If its because you're afraid of what might happen if you crash the spaceship, find a pilot and rest assured that you are in good hands. Better yet, learn to fly the ship yourself!

Any organization that wants to be a part of the next evolution of how we do business needs to implement digital solutions exceeding the familiar boundaries of Microsoft Office and Skype. The organizations versatility towards its own process will be key in adapting to a quickly changing market and gaining the digital goodwill of its customers.

In short: You improve, adapt and overcome the new issues that arise with change, through developing your organizations ability to go with the flow.

Digitization never lost its meaning, but our understanding of it varies greatly with each individual take on it. Developing a good understanding of how different software & digital solutions can help develop your business, may be the key to it's future success.

Rolf Terje

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