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The importance of cultural differences

Oppdatert: 19. feb. 2020

As we further the globalization of our societies, the aspect of cultural understanding takes center stage in its development.

The new genre, "identity-politics", is increasingly replacing the more traditional right/left perception of the political landscape. This in turn creates new misunderstandings, as we still tend to gauge our political identity as either left or right.

It's all a matter of perspective and cultural understanding.

If we take this into account when we look at the Geo-political situation on our planet right now, cultural understanding is the key to predicting how the different nations and corporations act towards each other.

Politics as an institution is losing its validity to its own devices, as the general populace decides professional politicians are making us compromise our beliefs in order to make political trade agreements to achieve something that no parties are happy with. The believed "alternative right wind" that supposedly is sweeping through Europe, might just as well be a reaction to the ever increasing bureaucracy that is European politics. The marginalization of certain nations and economical indifference that presents itself through this, are certainly strong factors in this as well.

Will globalization change or eradicate different ways of life?

Understanding other perspectives than your own, generates a flexible and agile mind that in turn will make it easier to adapt and understand people and their culture.

In my view, the only way to solve the big challenges facing us today, is by first understanding each cultural approach and perspective of the issues we wish to address. This in turn creates an opportunity for dialogue rather than a further division between the general populace. Traditional politics creates a partizan environment that serves to alienate otherwise well adjusted societies and demonize ideas, other than the ones put forward by your own side.

The trend of division is detrimental to achieving true development in any field, and should be the first challenge handled in any initiative where global, continental or national unity is needed.

A challenge to any idea should not be viewed as an attack on it, but as a possibility to achieve deeper understanding of its effect and validity.

Rolf Terje

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